The Morgan-Smiths: Lifelong friends

I truly have the best job in the world. I have the great honor of capturing some of life’s most beautiful and intimately loving moments - I get to combine them together with paper and ink to create and archive one of life’s most treasured possessions: Memories.

I’ve known Erin and David for over half of my life. I adore them. So, when they asked me to follow them and their sweet girl, Emorie, around their farm with my camera at sunset, I was pumped.

The entire session ended up being magical. Getting back out with my camera was sort of like like riding a bike - I still have it. 

Emorie is the perfect baby. I call her build-a-baby, sort of like build-a-bear, where you select all of the most adorable things and put them together to get the perfect result. That’s Emorie. She is always smiling. Erin’s parents’ farm has horses that Emorie loves to pet. She’s a fearless baby. The farm is covered with animals, flowers this intense lush green landscape. Oh, and the sunset cast that magical hazy light wash over everything that I’m so totally obsessed with. We were so happy with the way everything turned out.

Thank you, guys, for being incredibly beautiful and awesome people an allowing me to paparazzi you for an evening. It reminded me of why I love photography so much. When I have a camera in my hands and people in front of me, I feel the most alive.

I’ve recently received a good number of inquiries so am going to schedule some mini sessions for mid summer and early fall for you darlings. Stay tuned.