Great Uncle Fle carves all sorts of things out of wood and his late wife, Aunt Bev used to paint them. He carved and she painted - such a beautiful duo.  He is a very senior citizen (I can't remember how old) and is incredibly witty and sharp. Each time I see him, I learn something that I need to know about life and how to live it. He lives in southern Indiana and I was so happy to visit with him last weekend. I always take photos and talk with him and here's a few excerpts from our time together. Luckily when I showed up, he had already had his afternoon nap, so he was hundreds. 

Me: Do you follow social media Uncle Fle?
Fle: The problem these days is that everyone's got an opinion, but few have the knowledge to back it up... they keep putting all their opinions on that twitter.

Me: Um, do you have a twitter, then?
Fle: No, I don't need that in my life, but I know what it is and people put too much on it.

Me: Why do you go by Fle? What's the deal with the spelling?
Fle: When I was a kid, around 10, the other boys started calling me Fle and when they spelled it, not being Rhodes scholars and all, they left the "A" off. So we kept it that way. 

Setting: Fle reading magazine entitled "Boomers" (I guess about baby boomers or something)
Me: What is that about?
Fle: It's a free magazine.
Me: I can tell, the cover looks like crap.
Fle: The thing with people these days is they are so darn critical.
Me: I'm sorry it's just a bad photo, not a bad person in the photo, but technically a bad photo.
Fle: Okay, I understand, it's your job and all that.

Me: Uncle Fle, I'm so happy to see you!
Fle: I like knowing someone that travels and that I can live vicariously through - I follow you on the web and all that. I don't like it when I click on one screen and mess everything up. When your brother biked to California, I read his blog every day.

Me: We should order pizza (the best pizza place ever is in his little town).
Fle: You gotta take a picture of it with your smart phone and send the picture to Ken and Deb (other family members) to make them jealous. I wouldn't know the first thing about sending a photo that way, on my flip phone.