In 2007 I watched an Indian film that featured one of India's rowdiest and most colorful festivals and I decided that one day I would go to India and attend the festival. Seven years later I was in New Delhi roaming the streets with my camera (covered in a waterproof case, mind you) dodging water balloons, 5 gallon buckets of pink water, and more colored powder than a US color run has even dreamed of (side note: the color runs in America have hijacked the idea from this Indian festival). 
I met an adorable elderly lady that cooked me naan and curry over a small fire on the side of the road, then later invited myself and a few friends into her home where she lived with several of her children and grandchildren. We listened to music, ate spicy snacks, and danced (which apparently, they found painfully hysterical). 
As the day progressed, we were absolutely doused in water and color - my hair still has some pink dye in it that won't wash out. Anyway, my point is that I highly recommend this festival. It was hands down one of the most incredible cultural experiences of my life.