India (again)

So. We arrived yesterday and I'm so excited that I won't even go into the most ridiculous travel process that Zach and I went through to get here from Uganda (that's for another day, but for now, I'll just say that I DO NOT recommend flying Ethiopian Airways - I think they withheld water from me to intentionally  be mean. I also think they turned the heat on full power for the entire 9 hour flight. Rude. Mean.) Also the computers crashed so check-in and luggage tags were all hand written which was a great lesson for me to think about the archaic days back when computer machines didn't even exist. 
Anyway... INDIA. So my friend Adam visited India a few years back and when I asked him how things went, he said "India is an assault on the senses." I thought that was a mild description of the place. India is unlike any place that I have ever been. There are sights and sounds and smells and wild colors and the people are just overwhelmingly gorgeous. It's like everywhere I look are people wearing the most incredible patterns with the most incredible smiles and you just look at their eyes and get this sense that they have so many stories to share and you just want to sit and listen to all of them. They stop and want to interact. They take time to do things. They make things happen. Also, though the roads are a shit storm of a disaster, few people have road rage. It's great. 
Anyway, we are gearing up to hit the Taj Mahal and celebrate Holi with the locals before headed to the south to meet up with the rest of the media crew that's set to document stories for a small NGO ran by some incredible South Africans that I met in South Korea. How's that for globalization?