Sometimes you have 40 tiger masks

A few years back I had an idea (which happens a lot, but is not always executed) that involved photography + tiger masks. I remember getting on ebay at about 2am and securing 20 tiger masks to be shipped to my front door. What I didn't realize was that when I purchased the 20 I somehow entered 2 into the quantity. I'm not the greatest at math, but soon realized that 20x2=40. What am I to do with FORTY tiger masks? I couldn't be bothered with the zillion hoops one has to jump through to return something to ebay, AND by the time I got the masks, the initial excitement about them fizzled out and they ended up in my closet. Sad. But true. (That may explain why I have a button maker, bead-dazzler, screen printing devices, more books than I could actually read, and a sewing machine). When I remembered that I had them, I took them to a Christmas party at Joseph's house and still have some sweet polaroids from that. I then slowly incorporated them into other people's lives. Sam and Atsu have one in their studio. Jason tweeted about them. Most people are starting to recognize them as part of my life. And I like that.

ANYWAY. I was with my brother Derek (actually one year on Christmas) when I passed the best blue wall ever. I pulled over and made him model the tiger mask. He was super mad about the whole ordeal and very uncooperative, but I ended up loving the photo.