Before 2010, I had never set foot on the African continent. I have successfully logged approximately 2.5 months of my life on that continent this year and SRSLY can't even believe it. AND can't even believe there is only one day left in 2010... seems crazy... I rang in the new year last year singing "livin la vida loca" karaoke style in South Korea with a bunch of South Africans. Don't think this year will be the same without them :(

As some of you may know, Seth over at the Thirst Project ( has been keeping me busy galavanting around the globe this year working as their photograher in the field. So yah, this past November, we boarded an airplane, yet again, for Swaziland, Africa to continue what we started in August. And continue we did. We had a much bigger crew this time and pretty much had a non-stop adventure. Everything from getting the van stuck in the mud, to eating pbj's and thai sweet chili lays, consuming an astronomical amount of orange fanta, and singing karaoke to country songs in the van. Oh, the safari was pretty cool too. After a few weeks in Swaziland, we spent a few days in Zimbabwe. Then I went onto Port Elizabeth, South Africa to spend some times with old school friends there.

My flight back was the most ridiculous itinerary IMAGINABLE. I got on a plane from Johannesburg, South Africa for Paris, France. The original goal was to connect there with a few friends from London (total fail - apparently $600 is unreasonable to spend flying from London to France to hang out with Katie for 8 hours, but you'll have to talk to Zac and Kendall about that). Turns out that a suitcase packed for summertime in Africa isn't the most sufficient getup for a Parisian snow storm. After a few hours of coffee and crepe consumption + a minimum amount of shopping (I tried so hard to go shopping, but nothing's changed, I hate shopping), I made my way to the airport to dry my socks in the hand dryers and drink about 17 cups of espresso which cost approximately one zillion dollars. After about 4 hours of journaling and a dead iPod + NO European adapter to charge it up, I made my way to my flight for Atlanta. There was only one problem. I was somehow running seriously late. (ME? LATE? NO!). Something to do with choosing the right bottle of wine for the flight and deciding between these magazines: Time, National Geographic, and The Economist. I decided on Time and made a run for it. I made it just in time for the guy tearing tickets to insult me for being in the "Business class" line when I had an "ECONOMY" ticket. "EXCUSE me FRENCH man. I am so SORRY for accidentally getting in the BUSINESS CLASS line when clearly I ONLY have an economy ticket." 

After being reprimanded for bringing wine onto the plane I realized that I was sitting right across the aisle from "loud talker." You know who I'm talking about. One of those people that had only two volumes: bull horn, and asleep. This guy talked so loud that I bet the pilots could hear about his trip to Beirut. OMG OMG. At that point of being sleep deprived, offended, freezing, WITH wet socks, I'd about had it. I was just looking forward to getting back to America... So yah. Everything turned out alright. Socks dried. Loud talker fell asleep. And I made it home to a pseudo blizzard and Peppy's grill waiting. Overall trip: SUPERB. Have a look below at the photos from the excursion :)