A Ugandan whirlwind

Okay, so. I'm sipping Ethiopian coffee right now, in Ethiopia. At this point, too much has happened to begin to write about, but I'm going to start with my time in Uganda. I got to Uganda a little over a week ago and everything since then has seemed like a whirlwind. I touched down with the fine folks at The Thirst Project for a blitz all over the country to visit communities where they have drilled wells and document the impact that access to clean water can make in an area. In the haze of jet-lag, heat, and road-side break-downs -- we managed to visit seven different communities and dance is almost all of them. It was so. much. fun. The thing that I love the most about Ugandans is their seemingly free spirited approach towards life. Every Ugandan I've met has serious dance moves and seems relatively unfazed by small mishaps like cars breaking down. Ugandans are great at chilling out. Sitting. And relaxing. They have mastered the art of porch sitting in a way that I can only aspire to. I'm learning more and more from my Ugandan friends that there are a lot of things in life that simply aren't important; that there are a few things that are -- and it's best to focus on them. With these experiences, I've noticed that my perspective on life continues to shift. In a good way.

What an honor it was to be a part of these celebrations and have a glimpse into the everyday lives of these Ugandans. I already can't wait to go back.