Why I love my neighborhood.

For those of you who are not aware. I live in Fountain Square, in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana, which is in the Northern part of the Americas. My neighborhood is such an amazing and adventurous place to live. You literally never know what may happen from day-to-day or what you may see. I love that it's totally unpredictable and a cross-section of several cultures. Among my favorite things in Fountain Square are: Calvin Fletcher coffee shop which is basically a coffee shop version of Cheers, where everyone knows your name. The Duggout is sports bar that has the best pizza but worst jukebox. Dj's is a local watering hole with wood panel walls, karaoke, and home-made chili. The bar tender there is named Debbie. She wears bright pink lipstick and feathers her hair. And there's Peppy grill, which has the best home-made pie in the whole world. Among the numerous entertaining establishments for drinks and dining, there are also some great places to find sweet clothing. Value world is tops. It's like goodwill, only better. Why? They have coupons that come in the paper. They have a great variety of bags/purses, and mesh hats there that are to die for. My favorite thing about Fountain Square though, is the people. I recently saw an elderly lady riding a razor scooter.  Not a joke. Anyway, the Murphy building, which is a few stones' throw from my house, is a building with a collection of artists and all around awesome people from Indianapolis. This is a photo of the side of the Murphy building. I like it and think people need to be told that they are beautiful every day. This sign does such a good job.