A few things.

A few things. And then other stuff. First of all. Thank GOD that Indiana is finally deciding to warm up. And NO, I am not just addressing this because there aren't other, more valid topics to discuss.  Weather is a BIG deal around here and affects a lot of things. Namely, my sanity and motivation. The past few days have been sooo beautiful. Aside from the stint of hail last night, overall it's getting warmer. And I like that. This means a few things. 1. My porch will be back in full swing soon for hanging out purposes and discussions on how to solve the problems of the world as well as how to become a legitimate ninja  2. I'm going to have to find the neighborhood kid that cuts the grass while drinking orange faygo soda so he can get crack-a-lackin on the yard 3. We will resume studio paint nights (i.e. staying up till 4am painting and listening to Paula Abdul, then going to work at 9am and pretending we have the stamina of a 19 year old)  4. Sunroof !  5. Mojitos 6. My life will resume the usual again. Re: complete chaos of or relating to work/travel or a combination of the aforementioned. 7. I will probably continue to maintain a less than acceptable commitment level to blogging, though Clint has strongly suggested that blogging could be an overall advantage to generating more business.

Secondly. I have some cool/good/rad/I like using slashes/news. My buddy Andrew Frazer over in Perth, Australia submitted a design proposal/bid a while back for the interior of a cafe going up in Perth. His proposal included some framed snap shot work by yours truly - said proposal won the bid and now my photos are the permanent fixtures in the cafe! Andrew sent the pix of the pix over to me this morning. See below.