Meet Juliet

After two weeks in Swaziland, Africa, I have returned home with a changed perspective on the way I see water. After joining forces with The Thirst Project ( for two weeks, and visiting 21 rural communities in need of clean water, we created a foundation to return in November to build 3-4 wells (by we I mean Seth and JD - I just functioned as the paparazzi and professional peanut butter and jelly maker).  The first day out in the field we met this beautiful Juliet. She showed us her local water source which consisted of a glorified mud puddle that live stock drank out of and also defecated in. She proceeded to fill her water buckets to the brim and carry them home for every day use. As I began to ask her questions about her life, she told me that her husband had died and so did her son, leaving her with several children to take care of. Meeting Juliet reminded me that the global water crisis is not 1.1 billion "people" lacking access to clean water, but it's Juliet, with a face and a name and a story.  It reminded me that statistics speak to logic and stories and people speak to action, movement, and the hearts of people.