The Goo-gone isn't gone; Text message leads to nostalgia

IDONTEVENKNOWWHERETOSTART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I'm not complaining or anything, but when a person's Monday starts off with a CRACKED bottle of goo gone spilling inside of her computer bag, she is immediately forced into a mental boxing match against  the goo gone's goal to ruin her day.  After a clean up on the north west corner of the studio, I made my way to the local coffee shop (which I haven't been there in forever and the barista totally looks like Mr. Pink from Reservior Dogs) for a succession of meetings nearly all day about life and photography and men that have sexy arms; I also had a debacle with a chair.  I was walking through the front of the coffee shop and spotted my friend Emily... I craned my neck to see her and wave at her while multi tasking with walking forward... and... (wait for it) RAN right into the loudest chair in the entire joint. SO HILARIOUS. When I should have been totally embarassed, myself and the onlookers got a good laugh. I managed between meetings to make my way to Roberts camera store to buy a NEW LENS! 70-200 canon l glass 2.8 baby! Africa, I will own you next week.  Me and Seth and JD are going to embark on an adventure to see 10 wells built in Swaziland, Africa. And by we, I mean they and all of the people who have joined in supporting, giving, and loving The Thirst Project. I'm just there for photographic purposes, probably comic relief, to utilize my professional traveling skillz, and of course, my dazzling personality.  So don't expect any updates for at least a good three weeks...  and let's just hope I don't come down with typhoid. I realized a few days ago that I was supposed to take the vaccine (that's been in my refrigerator for about 3 weeks) 4 weeks prior to my trip and I had forgotten. When I did remember, I realized I had lost the directions... HOW?!! I finally got a call from the Dr.s office today informing me of my possible misfortune with the effectiveness of taking it so late in the game (leaving in like 5 days!). Let's just hope for the best. I suppose the good thing is that my overseas health insurance covers up to like a million dollars or somethin like that... so we should be all good....

But the heat was NOT good today. Some people in this world have cars without A/C and those people begin to get resentful towards those that simply drive down the road with their windows rolled up and their hair in place and no pit stains.  Unfortunately, this summer, I am one of those non a/c  people. So, showing up to meet with photography clients in a sweaty hot messy look like I just ran a marathon way is not always ideal. At any rate, things all went well. Very well, until I realized that somehow I still needed to tackle the day's administrative work that piled up on itself. See, I am just now discovering that the left side of my brain, does, in fact work....

In other completely unrelated news, my family has gone on vacation this week. Guess who's not with them?

Give up?

Okay, I"ll tell you.

It's me.

Derek (my bro) got to the lake today and sent me this text message:

Now for those of you who know Aunt Debbie, you can vouch for a few things.

1. She is incredibly cute

2. She likes to buy lots of things and keep all of them forever.

3. She can cook like there's NO tomorrow.

4. She is my mother's sister and is partially responsible for raising 1/2 of the Basbagill fab four clan

Seeing this photo reminded of my years living with Aunt Dizzle and how me and my cousin gained a lot of notoriety on the high school tennis team because Aunt Debbie sent us to every tennis match with a tub of freshly cut strawberries, and my personal fav: bold and zesty chex mix... that stuff is NO joke. Tennis reminded me of the good old days when I had someone doing everything for me including putting my lunch money in an envelope labeled "lunch money." GAHHHHHH! Those days were so awesome.

And there was this: One of the greatest movies of all time. My cousin Laura and I used to watch this on VHS. Sometimes twice in a row, and to this day can repeat all the lines from it.

and also this:

That's all I got for now. I really am going to start posting photographs again. All this excitement of travel and life has been a bit distracting :)