10 reasons to know that you're a born traveler and NOT a tourist.

10. You have airport codes memorized like the phone number of the first house you lived in.

9. When packing for Asia/Africa, you pack like you're going to North Carolina

8. You know about the rocking chairs in the NC airport

7. You don't need a map to get yourself around the Johannesburg airport and they know you at Nando's chicken

6. You keep your passport in your wallet/have a passport cover

5. You don't believe in sleeping in hotels abroad because you have peeps there

4. You know where all the consulates are in Chicago; and you've been in fights with all of them

3. You don't think about packing at all until 24 hours prior to departure

2. You have expired malaria pills in your drawer

1. You can have peace of mind with a one way ticket to Asia in your hand and no plan