A tribute to Nick; how corporate America took the "N" out of FUN.

In addition to the numerous social activities and attempts (yet again) to navigate the labyrinth that is adult responsibility and obligations of running a business, I have resorted to my early college days and my $80k degree in photoshop. I've decided I need to put it to use [more].  I'm pretty devastated that Nick has decided to get a real job (which I strongly cautioned him against). He keeps talking about really serious things like "paying bills," "the future," etc.  Now that he hasn't been in the studio for nearly a week, the "I love you" mug is sitting atop the fridge collecting dust and probably fruit flies. Hence, I am making a tribute post to him, to YOU NICK!. Nick, no computer party is complete without you. No hummus eating shindig is as fun without you. No interior design endeavor is as fun without your input. I mean, coffee drinking isn't the same without you. Making fun of cats has lost its appeal. You are sorely missed around here. If Angie's list doesn't work out, then a mug is waiting here for you - but you may get demoted to the "White Castle" mug if you carry on like this.