Parties of painting put damper on responsible living.

I have been terribly remiss as of late per keeping my seven fans abreast of my recent goings on. Aunt Debbie, thanks for being so interested in my life. Occasionally in life things get so serious that you have to pursue a method by which the seriousness if offset or you risk becoming a crazy psycho head case. At any rate. Our method of dealing with a summer that has presented itself with more things to do than there is time (NOT TO MENTION the incessant invitations for social gatherings), myself and my friend Erin have taken to disregarding the need for sleep at night and have taken up painting (well much more than before and see below).  In addition, we have turned to researching methods to bring about the death of the frock of fruit flies that have decided to occupy and multiply in the studio, as well as listen to Paula Abdul. It's a known fact that you can't listen to Paula Abdul and not be spurred into some form of creativity. But...

Creativity can be messy.

This is how/why I discovered "towels in a box."

Now at first glance (see below), you may think, "Rubbish!!! Who would use towels in a box?" Well, thanks to my resourceful friend Erin, these glorious things have been introduced to the new studio space and have come in handy - not only for painting purposes, but for the cleaning of spilled: wine, coffee, water, and recently, coke zero. Seriously folks. This is no joke. You need these in your life. I wish I would have invented them.

In addition to the daily acquisition of new hobbies (I will never know boredom in my life), I have recently felt compelled to take up the art of home improvement projects. Seeing how our new diggs in Fountain Square is so rad, I can't help but scheme and plot for ways to make the place even cooler. Most recently, I have created a wall of fame that comprises several brightly colored frames - WITHOUT pictures in them. It looks awesome, I'm loving it. (see below)