Shopping=death. Also BFF's tooth falls out.

For those of you who know me, you know that there are few things I do not enjoy. Shopping is one of those things.  I apparently didn't get the shopping obsession gene that's supposed to get passed on to every female on the planet.  What I usually do is wait until I cannot live another day until I go to the store. Like, when there are only pickles in the fridge.  When I am out of paint with which to make my masterpieces.  When I desperately need toothpaste because inching the last bit out of the travel tube I took to Knoxville isn't cutting it. When I am out of coffee and need things like paperclips.  I also wait until I have about 5 stores to go to that way I can knock everything out at once and then try to erase the day from my memory. Yesterday was that day. Target-Doctor-Wal-Mart-Lowes-Half Priced Books-Joann Fabrics. By the time I got to Jo-Ann Fabrics I did one circle around the store and decided that I couldn't take it anymore. And that if I ever could, I would pay someone to do ALL of my shopping. Or gladly accept volunteer candidates. Once I decided that one more minute at Jo-Ann fabrics was going put me over the edge (I left there without anything) - I went to visit my family in the suburbs. Oh. THE. SUBURBS.  What is that place where people don't lock their car doors? They have things like mini vans and irrigation systems. And they take leisurely walks in the evening with their dogs. I sort of had forgotten that life can be like that. So, yah, anyway, my family lives in the suburbs and one of my favorite things about being with them is that at any given time there are always a minimum of 3 kids running around. Yesterday it was 7 or 8... I can't remember. But the big event of the evening wasn't the grilled burgers,  Ellianna lost her TOOTH! I tried to convince her to allow her brother to pull it out by tying a string to her tooh and tying that string to his bike - then have brother ride his bike away to pull it out, but she didn't think that was a very good idea and wanted the tooth to fall out by natural causes. So, when the tooth finally did come out. I, of course, had to take a picture. Or two. I love this little girl so much... every time she sees me, she tells me that I'm her best friend. I told her we should get matching BFF airbrushed and bedazzled t's.