Livin la Vida LOCA!

Things are gettin crazy up in this piece. In the mayhem of moving in to a new art studio (woot woot!!!) with my amiga K.Fuller, preparing to move into a new house in a week (WITH A PORCH, back yard, AND dishwasher, AND 11 foot ceilings and hardwoods), doing the design for an 80 page coffee table book, preparing to photograph 2 weddings on back to back days, designing a business proposal that's about as labor intensive as an annual report, having a crashed computer that I brought back to life, getting locked out of the studio twice in one day then losing my keys in Fountain Square (and luckily finding them) being a social butterfly, working on a commissioned painting of a bunny! and preparing to go to Africa in a month, things have been total and utter chaos. And somehow I love it. This is sick. Let me elaborate: I've been terrible about blogging. I made myself a motivational sign and hung it on the new bulletin board. Hopefully this will help. At any rate, I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but the surplus of tiger masks floating around have made for some fun photos in the studio areas. The boys next door have decided to make 365 short films involving the infamous masks (blast the ebay ordering system which is how I ended up with 40). I came in the other day and they were doing a photo shoot against the brick wall with the tiger  masks... HILARIOUS. In addition to them contributing to my severe case of ADD as of late, I have formed a great symbiotic relationship with them.  They have coffee, I have creamer. They need stand up comedy occasionally (which usually isn't really comedy, but rather me simply talking about my life and they find it incredibly humorous - it's not cool that I almost cried at starbucks when they were out of drink carriers) and I can crack jokes.  They have a pantone color matching system book, I do not. We have bonded over putting down others' poor life choices when it comes to typography. AND they also have things that boys always have that girls don't: hammers, screw drivers, ladders, focused work flow, etc. You get the idea. Aside from the fact that some kids are building a HUGE puppet in the common area and have been playing U2 NON-FREAKING stop, AND the fire dept came last week, I love the new space. Someone came by yesterday asking me for a cornucopia. Are you serious? Also I had to kill 2 cockroaches last night at 2am. What the? Okay, I'm off to edit some photos and do other productive things. Stay fly all you peoples. So. That's Derrick. He came to the computer party. We had boxed wine but no cups. So... you drink wine out of a water bottle. Duh. And this is just after move in day. Somebody named Kristin hasn't brought her stuff yet. Our fab friends painted the entire space. I love them forever and think everyone is secretly jealous of the green wall. One of my latest paintings. A gal named Cotter bought this based on the fact that she's in love with hot pink (so am I and during the creation of this piece, I somehow got hot pink spray paint all over the floor and freshly painted white wall. oops.). She's totally going to have me do artwork involving her bunny. That's Nick. He is rad. His beard is rad.  And he also enjoys laptop parties.