Speaking of the weekend. And speaking of red heads becoming extinct.

HOW is it MONDAY already? I was JUST sayin "TGIF" baby.  Now it's already Monday. I'm not sayin' TGIM either. Plus it's raining. Plus it's sort of cold. Plus... I have a to do list 19 miles long and color coded iCal is gettin real annoying. The weekend was fantastico... lots of photo taking. Derek's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO). Which I remember when he was born, so that's sort of weird, and lunch with the cousins. Sarah has a little girl named Madison, which, I'm convinced, is one of the most adorable little girls ever. I am obsessed with her hair (as you can understand) as we all know that Time magazine put out that article that said that redheads are factually a dying breed. This worries me.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you Madison in all her - glory :)