Sunset over Prague.

I spoke to Kendall today over skype.  He's in London.  He just went to Morocco and said that it was a beautiful place, but most of the people he came in contact with there were unfortunately lame.  Morocco made me think of travel.  Travel made me think of photos.  And the photos made me think of this blog... and how horrible I am at updating it.  (Let's be honest though, I AM getting better.) At any rate, I came across this glorious sunset photo that was snapped in Prague a few years back.

I loved Prague. I mean LOOOOOO-VED that place. It was such a whirlwind of a time there... dunno if it had to do with the Czech girl that hated Americans and mostly every American ideal, the pot smoking Croatian hippie filmmaker that I met (who looked EX-actly like Jack Black), getting lost on the city's bus system with no map, no idea where I was, and no one's telephone number, (and no Czech language skills), the international human rights film festival going on at the time, or climbing the "do not enter" fence to get a view of the palace which ended with some Czech cops and what we thought was going to be jail.  There was something so surreal about that city. It may have been the history. It may have been the architecture. It may have been the interesting people I met while there. I will never be able to forget the sunset there... I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. I felt like I was torn as to whether I should stop and enjoy it and allow it to be gone forever, or if I should spend time trying to capture the sunset in a photograph so I could try to have it forever. Either way, it is gone forever... but I am actually really glad that I chose to snap the photographs.

Now that it's spring... I expect to see some sunsets like this around Indianapolis. What? A girl can hope right?