He wore his sunglasses at night.

While abroad (Korea to be exact), I made an impulse buy (shocker I know). I bought this little piece of beauty called the mini diana. You may not know what it is (that's what google and wikipedia are for), but it's a small plastic piece of goodness that takes phenomenal photos. I MEAN rad. So, I snapped this photo back in Jan in Seoul. What a great city. I was just wondering the streets, taking everything in with my camera and a Dave Eggars novel in my other hand. This photo reminds me of Seoul but also reminds me of Thailand. I was in Thailand shortly before my stint in Korea and it was a beautiful time. I spent a good two weeks in the south/islands and it is in those places that you N-E-V-E-R know what will happen. To make a long story short, Christmas was spent on a beach with some friends watching fire works and crazy Thai dudes throw fire up into the sky and twirl it around allllll night. We met this Dutch guy who was living and working in Argentina. He wore sunglasses. It was night time and he was oh so adamant about why it was so important to wear sunglasses at night. "Sir. The sun is NOT out." He was rocking the standard ray ban aviators and chatted us up for quite a while. He spoke at least 4 languages, lived in Buenos Aires, and told me he was a make up artist. I don't remember his name, but I'm pretty sure I saw him wondering around the island at least 4 more times after the sunglasses night.