This is GuGu the Zimbabwean Mexican heart throb

So. Approximately a week ago I landed in the Harare Airport. It was about the size of the bigger Starbucks' that we have, like the one in Greenwood - you know what I'm talkin about. The hour drive outside of the city was spectacular... rolling fields, people selling mangoes and veggies at roadside stands, the standard african lady carrying 19 times her body weight on her head in a basket, etc etc. AND the kids. Oh, the kids at the Children's HOME. Sweet Jesus they were so alive. SO ALIVE and energetic and beautiful. Children are so resilient and all we did was laugh and play a game that included us singing a song "pepsi cola, ginger ale, seven up, seven up, you're out." You sit in a circle and slap the person's hand next to you whilst singing. If they slap your hand on the word "out," you're of course, out. We played it for what seemed like hours. Under the h-o-t sun. Some of the other kids decided to make drawings in the dirt... which was also fun.

I stayed with a Zimbabwean couple named Orpah and John. Also, total top-notch human beings. John had a belly laugh that went on forever, and Orpah was some kind of teaching/cooking machine that I'm convinced never slept. I mean that lady can cook. I was like "are you for real cooking like this?" AND the electricity was out on MWF. I mean really, how am I supposed to charge my iPod with no electricity? At any rate... my few days there were jam-packed with lots of high fives, spending loads of time with the children, and drinking English tea about 9 times a day.

I cannot wait to go back to Zim.